Enabling poultry producers to improve livestock production by monitoring the microbial status of flocks

Veterinarians, livestock production managers and farmers know what is best for their animals. Based on knowledge and experience, they do their best to improve animal health and well-being, as well as ensure food safety. Imagine making smarter decisions with the help of our tests that monitor the microbial status of the entire flock.

Reliable assessment of pathogen load
Non-invasive analysis
Six hours to overnight workflow
Optimize production efficiency
Watch over pathogen dynamics of a production cycle
ScreenFloX® is more than just one test for pathogens

The ScreenFloX® platform comprises a broad range of kits. Our Clostridium perfringens kit helps for example to detect both endemic and pathogenic population and to detect the potential risk of necrotic enteritis (NE).

Determine a flock’s health status

In addition, the dynamics of the endemic population allow poultry producers to draw conclusions on the health status.

Additional kits to determine food safety

Tests for the detection of pathogens relevant for food safety in preparation.

Scalable platform

The ScreenFloX® platform will be developed continuously with more tests to come. Multiple tests can be performed using one sample and with minimal additional effort. Combining environmental screenings for avian and human pathogens saves costs and time for poultry producers.

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A new way to understand livestock

ScreenFloX® is the only environmental screening system that non-invasively quantifies the levels of certain pathogens from an entire flock with a confidence level exceeding 90%.

Discover the smart alternative to traditional health tests

ScreenFloX® offers a fully integrated system solution for health monitoring of entire flocks. You’ll receive reliable results of the microbial status and can detect infections at an early stage. See more in our video!

How it works

Current common practice in animal diagnostics targets the testing of individual animals using invasive methods. Necropsy, histopathology, and confirmatory testing easily take several days and are expensive. ScreenFloX® is an environmental screening system that enables customers to detect levels of different pathogens for the entire flock using an unbiased, non-invasive method. The goal of using ScreenFloX® is to optimize the overall livestock production through an ‘early warning system’, giving the chance to react before it is too late to adjust the production system.

Benefits for all stakeholders

ScreenFloX® enables optimized livestock production, improving animal welfare and increasing food safety.

A holistic approach to livestock farming

Evonik’s analytical services provide the stakeholders of the livestock industry with accurate and readily available analytical results – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Precision Livestock Farming – the Evonik way

Every part of Evonik’s PLF is targeted to make the lives of farmers and poultry producers easier and improve overall performance. Evonik relies on science, and with ScreenFloX®, our customers can, too.

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