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Optimize animal nutrition with analytics

Animal nutrition costs can amount to 70 percent of poultry production expenses, and feed quality significantly influences meat yield and meat quality. Precise analysis of nutrients in feed ingredients improves nutritional balance, ensures animal health, and reduces environmental impact.

How animal nutrition drives livestock performance

With AMINO Tools and Services, Evonik supports feed producers and farmers to optimize their use of raw materials.

Consumer demand for healthy animal protein
High complexity of production systems
Increasing need for efficient use of resources
Growing demand for traceable information along the value chain
Increasing awareness of animal welfare
Precise analysis of nutrients for optimal feed

Animal nutrition is one of the main pillars of economic success in livestock farming. When feed is nutritionally well-balanced, it significantly contributes to animal health and sustainable livestock farming. As price, availability, and nutritional values of feed ingredients vary, achieving consistent quality can be difficult. Precise analysis of key nutrients in ingredients is the basis for producing cost-optimized feed of consistent quality and in accordance with specifications.

Martin Smith

We provide a service that enables feed manufacturers to very rapidly and precisely identify the nutritional qualities of different sources of raw materials.
Martin Smith, Technical Service Director Middle East & Africa at Evonik

A holistic approach to Precision Livestock Farming

Evonik combines innovative products with science-based expertise, consultancy service, and digital animal farming solutions. With this approach, individual solutions for animal farming, animal health, and animal nutrition can be interlinked, enabling customers to acquire additional insights and further optimize their production system.

Best feed leads to healthy animals

Evonik has a long-standing history as provider of pure crystalline methionine (DLM) MetAMINO® and of AMINO Tools and Services that have been the industry standard for the analysis of amino acids for more than 30 years. With AMINODat® 5.0, Evonik has the most comprehensive global raw materials database. Since most of the AMINO Tools and Services are digital, they deliver fast and reliable information and recommendations that lay the foundation for sound, science-based decisions. Combining AMINO Tools and Services with the other two parts of Precision Livestock Farming makes the difference.

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Feed quality is a main pillar of profitability, animal health, and animal welfare

Quality is a focal point of Evonik’s holistic approach. Optimal feed can significantly contribute to uniformity, yield, and animal health. Quality needs to be continuously monitored and, if deviations occur, adjusted on the spot. This is the best way to ensure optimal animal nutrition.

Quick and easy analysis of nutrients

Important energy and proximate parameters

AMINONIR® NRG provides quick and reliable estimates of important energy parameters in feed ingredients and finished feeds. Output includes gross energy, apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn) for poultry (broiler, turkey, duck, layer), digestive energy, metabolizable energy, and net energy for growing pigs and sows. Using near-infrared technology, AMINONIR® Prox predicts proximate nutrients and phosphorus in raw feed materials and feed mixes.

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Effective handling of amino acids

Enhancing livestock performance with nutritional supplements is one of the most effective approaches science has developed. Adding pure amino acids like methionine can have a huge impact on the growth and health of livestock. Amino acids are provided via silos, bulk, big bags, or bags and need to be dosed precisely. Overdosing and underdosing doesn’t just affect the feed’s positive contribution to meat yield – it can be expensive due to the relatively high costs of amino acids. A reliable and precise handling solution is essential in animal nutrition.

Fully automated dosing

Use precisely the resources you need and get consistent results in livestock production. AMINOSys® makes micro ingredient handling and fully automated high-precision dosing easy. It’s not just a tool, it’s a full service that ranges from consultation and design to implementation and services. Our Evonik experts ensure that integrating AMINOSys® into your plant goes smoothly and that the system optimally supports your business.

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Mixing homogeneity

The statistical test procedure AMINOBatch® gives you a accurate evaluation of mixing quality and uniformity. Supplemented amino acids are analyzed in 10 compound feed samples out of a batch of feed. The resulting coefficient of variation is used to assess homogeneity; and recovery is compared against expected inclusion levels. Where required, remedial action can then be considered.

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Remote inventory management

To ensure that your Evonik micro ingredient silos are refilled on time, we provide AMINOTrac® – the Evonik vendor-managed inventory service. Designed specifically to optimize utilization and availability of AMINOSys® equipment, the system monitors filling levels of silos remotely. Based on forecast scenarios, optimal replenishment is scheduled and alerts are triggered to ensure timely call-off or deliveries. AMINOTrac® also permits analysis of system performance and provides you with targeted maintenance instructions.

Animal Nutrition: Our solutions at a glance

AMINONIR® Advanced

AMINONIR® Advanced covers the widest range of feed ingredients used by the industry. Reliable nutrition analysis in a minimal time – even with unground raw materials. Easy to perform, fast to implement, invaluable to business performance in animal nutrition.


Avoid overdosing and underdosing with AMINOSys®: Use precisely the resources for animal nutrition you need and get consistent results in livestock production. AMINOSys® systems are supplied as turnkey units that are completely integrated into your specific production facilities.

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