Animal health

Know the health status of entire flocks

Frequent monitoring of pathogens in feed and feces provides on-the-spot information about a flock’s health status. The obtained data can help farmers reduce the use of antibiotics and other medicines. Controlled actions help improve animal welfare and increase yield per flock.

How monitoring animal health serves both animals and farmers

As part of Evonik’s Precision Livestock Farming offering, ScreenFloX® enables reliable, noninvasive monitoring of an entire flock’s health.

Low transparency of the health status of flocks
Health diagnostics take time
Prophylaxis often relies on antibiotics
Problems are often only visible when it’s too late
Animal health – monitor the health status of an entire flock

With flock sizes and flock numbers growing, growers are having less time to monitor each flock. To compensate for that, antibiotics and other medicine are used, along with food. Analysis of animal behavior and monitoring of health status allow earlier and, therefore, milder treatment. Frequent analyses of a flock’s feces works well as an early-warning system for the microbial status of the entire flock. Precisely controlled, early actions help avoid the use of drugs in the barn, improve animal welfare, and increase yield per flock.

Dr. Emeka Igwe

The traditional diagnostic method can take up to seven days to have your results back. By then, it may be too late to intervene. ScreenFloX®, our environmental screening system, is very fast – you get the result from six hours to overnight.
Dr. Emeka Igwe, Head of Technical Support at Evonik Precision Livestock Farming

Our holistic approach

Evonik combines science-based expertise in all areas of poultry production with intelligent software algorithms and consistent connectivity, so it becomes possible to interlink previously isolated solutions for animal farming, animal health, and animal nutrition.

Gain new insights and react accordingly

Everything about Evonik PLF aims to make the farmer’s life easier and improve overall performance. Evonik relies on science, and with ScreenFloX®, you can, too. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is guesswork without monitoring microbes, so ScreenFloX® serves as an internal control mechanism that provides biological insights for PLF. This is supplemented by proven products for gut health and animal feed and is based on Evonik’s scientific approach to pioneering animal nutrition solutions. The combination of diagnostics and the means to react accordingly help improve animal health.

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Using the power of ScreenFloX® to optimize yield and animal welfare

With growing flock sizes, antibiotics and other medicine are often used as prophylactic treatments. That is why Evonik developed a new method to determine the microbial burden of an entire flock, complemented by a software solution to easily visualize important data. We want to ensure our products provide an advantage for animal health, as well as your business.

Quick and easy health checks

Instead of examining animals at the slaughterhouse, it is better to know the flock’s health status before the animals have reached slaughter weight. The noninvasive ScreenFloX® method permits the detection of infection at an early stage, offering an opportunity to react before disease spreads. It provides robust, reliable, and representative test results for an entire flock’s health and microbial status in a short time by analyzing feces from the flock – instead of relying on traditional tests on individual animals that have to be killed before testing. The test results serve as both an early-warning system and a control mechanism for gut health measures.

Keep an eye on your poultry business

By using the latest Big Data technology and Biostatistics, combined with poultry science and poultry production, it is possible to efficiently monitor, control, and manage the complex poultry production process. Porphyrio® can integrate monitoring data from ScreenFloX® and Amino Tools and Services to further improve the self-learning algorithm. The overall health status of the animals depends on an intact gut microflora, which can be stabilized by probiotics like GutCare® and Ecobiol®.

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Our solutions at a glance


ScreenFloX® provides robust, reliable, and representative test results on an entire flock’s health quickly. The noninvasive method allows the detection of infections early, offering the opportunity to react before disease can spread. The test results serve as both an early-warning system and a control mechanism for gut health measures.


Porphyrio® uses Big Data from the entire poultry production chain to support integrators and farmers in optimizing their production process. A self-learning algorithm, combined with science and profound knowledge of poultry production, allows the prediction of animal performance and the planning of production accordingly.

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