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Efficiently manage the entire poultry value chain

Collecting, processing, and analyzing data generates information that Evonik experts can transform into knowledge. This newly acquired knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of the production process, enables poultry producers to make the right business decisions, and helps them find the best balance of production cost and product quality.

How Big Data and Biostatistics help optimizing poultry production

Porphyrio® is using the data from sensors and other sources in combination with intelligent algorithms to provide valuable insights to the farmer.

Changes in legislation, markets, and consumer behavior
Increasingly complex poultry production
Growing demand for the right product at the right time
Animal farming – master the entire poultry process chain

The entire poultry production chain – from breeding to the slaughterhouse or egg grading – is a complex sequence of interlinked steps. Collecting, processing, and analyzing as much data as possible along the production process generates information that our solutions turn into knowledge which may then be used as a base for a stable business. This newly acquired and united knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of operations, enables poultry producers to make the right business decisions, and helps determine the best balance of production cost and product quality.

Alfred Petri

Porphyrio® is unique because it combines the nutritional expertise of the Evonik Animal Nutrition team with the latest Big Data technology and Biostatistics. This is the key to giving optimal advice to livestock farmers.
Alfred Petri, Head of Evonik Precision Livestock Farming

Our holistic approach

Evonik combines science-based expertise in all areas of poultry production with intelligent software algorithms and consistent connectivity, so it becomes possible to interlink previously isolated solutions for animal farming, animal health, and animal nutrition.

Data-based poultry production

Everything about Evonik PLF aims to make the life of poultry producers easier and improve overall performance while also keeping an eye on the animal welfare. The poultry production process from rearing to processing is very complex, with many variables that influence the outcome. Manually gathering all the information required to make the right decisions throughout the value chain can be tedious or even impossible. Porphyrio® includes a modular system that allows customers to start with just a few modules and expand into subsequent phases with additional modules when needed – from flock management and early warning systems to QCS work planning and integrated process analytics. With the Porphyrio® solutions, Evonik PLF offers Biostatistics and data analytics to provide relevant insights into production management and planning.

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Big Data and Biostatistics help optimize the production process

Digitalization has enabled innovative systems to be developed for the poultry meat industry (chicken meat, turkey meat, and duck meat) and for the commercial egg industry. These systems are based on scientific self-learning algorithms and are operated in the cloud. They’re developed in such a way that they’re operable for an individual farmer or a total, vertically integrated producer.

Digitalization is the next stage of optimization

One major pillar of Precision Livestock Farming is the intensive, as well as continuous, collection and monitoring of a wide variety of farm data, from feed to health. Using this data, producers can make better-informed decisions earlier in the process and create optimal conditions for the animals. This leads to improved results on key farm performance indicators, such as growth, egg production, animal health and welfare, technical performance, environmental impact, and – last but not least – financial performance.

Keep an eye on your poultry business

A variety of challenges are making the production process of poultry products increasingly complex. Porphyrio® is a Software-as-a-Service solution that acquires data from any source. By using the latest Big Data technology and Biostatistics combined with poultry science and poultry production, it becomes possible to monitor, control, and manage the process in a more efficient way. Porphyrio® offers cloud-based and scientifically justified solutions that allow you to optimize your business, online and in real time.

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Porphyrio® uses Big Data from the entire poultry production chain to support all poultry producers, from independent farmers to integrators, in optimizing their production process. A self-learning algorithm combined with poultry science and profound knowledge of poultry production enables the prediction of animal performance and the planning of production accordingly.

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