Well-proven modular handling equipment for best results

Avoid overdosing and underdosing: Use precisely the resources you need and get consistent results in livestock production.

Fully automated process
Highest precision dosing
Completely scalable to fit
CAPEX- and OPEX-neutral system
Guarantee of excellence

AMINOSys® – Not just a tool, a full service

From consultation and design to implementation and services: Our Evonik experts ensure that integrating AMINOSys® into your plant goes smoothly and that the system optimally supports your business.

What do you get?

AMINOSys® provides an advanced, flexible, and scalable handling solution for fully automated high-precision dosing of Evonik amino acids.

Fully integrated

AMINOSys® is seamlessly integrated into your production line to ensure the highest accuracy and flexibility across the full range of amino acid supplementation.

Full service

We provide comprehensive on-site surveys, installation, and support services through our experts, who also train your staff and provide after-installation services.

Complete solution

AMINOSys® is available for big bags or full-bulk silos and allows dosing and conveying of up to four amino acids to two mixing lines.

Tailored to your needs

Consulting is based on individual on-site surveys and application assessments. This means that AMINOSys® systems are supplied as turnkey units that are completely integrated into your specific production facilities.

AMINOSys® fits feed mills of any size and layout. Use the interactive slider to discover the diverse possibilities that our complete handling solution offers.

On-site survey and assessment
Profound expertise and application know-how
Designed to receive amino acids in bags, big bags, and bulk
Seamless interface to feed-mill control systems
Tailor-made concept

Small effort, big impact

By combining our superior implementation expertise, high-end “Made in Germany” technology, and a small footprint, we’ll find the solution that best fits your needs and your plant design.

Fully scalable solution to simplify implementation

AMINOSys® can handle amino acids supplied in one ton big bags for mid-sized and large-scale feed mills. For feed mills with high amino acid consumption, we also support the handling of amino acids delivered in full bulk to be stored in appropriate silos. Among other benefits, AMINOSys® helps reduce the labor costs involved in in-house transportation and replenishment of amino acids.

High-end technology
Made in Germany
Small footprint
Low effort

Precision at work

AMINOSys® systems are optimized for handling supplemental dry bulk amino acids in animal feed production. They deliver accurate dosage and easy handling – from the world leader in amino acid technology.

Reliable nutritional raw material data

AMINONIR® Advanced (optionally available) quickly delivers the facts – even on unground raw materials – for the best results.

Software-based formulation

Optimized and self-adjusting dosing algorithms ensure the precise addition of supplemental amino acids based on up-to-date nutritional values.

Automatic extraction from storage

Saves labor costs and prevents quality costs caused by human error during manual handling.

Automatic discharge to mixing process

Adaptable to dosing and mixing process design and layout. Discharge is triggered by batch control.

Mixer test

Verify that feed contains the appropriate levels of supplemental amino acids, and test the accuracy of your mixing process with AMINOBatch®


Explore the interactive graphics to find out how easy raw material analysis, formulation, supplement extraction, dosing and mixing, and monitoring will be with AMINOSys®.

AMINOSys® 100 units in Brazil

Evonik’s AMINOSys® amino acid dosing system in Alibem, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is a complete handling solution that allows the facility to efficiently process feed additives – and brings the total number of units in that country to 100.

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