Precison Livestock Farming

The future of animal farming

PLF, or so-called ‘Precision Livestock Farming’, adds advanced technologies and software to the farming process, with the goal of optimizing the contribution per animal. But to really get the most out of Precision Livestock Farming, a holistic approach is required to overcome less effective isolated solutions. This connects the main areas of focus: nutrition, health, and farming. Therefore, we want to ensure the welfare of the animals and the discharge of the farmers.

Improve livestock farming holistically

How can we ensure food safety in a sustainable way while also improving the welfare of animals and profitability? Our offering is called Evonik PLF and it works by connecting technology and the farming process so that we can ensure the health and welfare of animals and farmers.

Traditional approaches are not enough anymore

As the world’s population grows and global demand for protein increases, traditional livestock farming methods are no longer enough to optimize poultry production. In short: We need to do more with less. The solution is Precision Livestock Farming, which can optimize the process on a farm.

Kshitij Gupta

Animal health and animal welfare continue to be our primary focus. You can never be sure what kind of life the animal experienced. I would love to be able to consume meat with a good conscience. This is my vision for PLF.

Kshitij Gupta,
Head of Platform Development at Evonik Precision Livestock Farming
Dr. Emeka Igwe

We know that the world’s population is growing. At Evonik, we are looking for a better and sustainable way to feed the world.

Dr. Emeka Igwe,
Head of Technical Support at Evonik Precision Livestock Farming
Martin Smith

Evonik’s approach to PLF incorporates all our expertise and knowledge with nutrition, our new fields of gut health, and our even newer fields of monitoring and collecting Big Data from farms, so that we can provide a truly holistic view of the most effective way to produce animal protein.

Martin Smith,
Technical Service Director Middle East & Africa at Evonik
Alfred Petri

At Evonik, we try to be as holistic as possible. We start from animal nutrition and move to new fields like health monitoring and even more practical livestock farming.

Alfred Petri,
Head of Evonik at Precision Livestock Farming
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Evonik’s comprehensive approach for making the most of Precision Livestock Farming

With Precision Livestock Farming, Evonik combines science-based expertise in all aspects of poultry production with intelligent software algorithms and consistent connectivity, so it becomes possible to interlink previously isolated solutions for animal nutrition, health and farming.

Know your livestock (better) best

Evonik PLF combines science, expert knowledge, intelligent software, and connectivity into a comprehensive solution for poultry production – by focusing on a wide range of applications from nutrition, health and farming. Evonik Precision Livestock Farming enables the transformation of data from the entire value chain into valuable information that – with help from Evonik experts – leads to new knowledge about livestock farming. This knowledge facilitates facts-based decision-making, which results in precise actions that make use of Evonik’s proven feed supplement and gut health portfolio.

Science meets (IoT) Digitalization

With this unique combination for Precision Livestock Farming, it becomes possible to maximize the positive effects of actions and to sustainably improve both animal welfare and outcomes. Ultimately, it leads to a better understanding of the entire production process. This results in an advantage for individual farmers and the industry, optimizes the daily systems and innovates agriculture.

Evonik PLF is supplemented by proven products for gut health and feed – also based on Evonik’s scientific approach to pioneering nutrition solutions. The Evonik PLF offering focuses on three clusters: nutrition, health and farming. The technology, we are working on, supports farmers and optimizes agriculture for the future of livestock farming.

A holistic and growing portfolio

The Evonik PLF is designed to help in ‘sciencing the global food challenge’. It builds on the successful AMINO Tools and Services portfolio, which tightly integrates analytics and environmental monitoring with digital services. In addition to proven products and newly developed software solutions, Evonik PLF also offers consultation services from Evonik experts who support integrators and growers with their digital transformation.

AMINONIR® Advanced

AMINONIR® Advanced covers the widest number of feed ingredients used by the feed industry. Reliable nutrition analysis in a minimal time – even with unground raw materials. Easy to perform, fast to implement, invaluable for business performance.


Avoid overdosing and underdosing with AMINOSys®: Use precisely the resources you need and get consistent results in livestock production. AMINOSys® systems are supplied as turnkey units that are completely integrated into your specific production facilities.


ScreenFloX® provides robust, reliable, and representative test results on an entire flock’s health in short time. The non-invasive method permits infections to be detected early, providing the opportunity to react before disease spreads. The test results offer both an early-warning system and a control mechanism for gut health measures.


Porphyrio® uses Big Data from the entire poultry production chain to support integrators and farmers in optimizing their production process. A self-learning algorithm combined with science and profound knowledge of poultry production permits the prediction of animal performance and the planning of production accordingly.


OPTIfarm is a precision support and optimization service with 24/7 remote real-time monitoring for poultry farmers worldwide.