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Optimize feed specifications and control feed costs at the highest quality and speed

Reliable nutrition analysis in a minimal time – even with unground raw materials. Easy to perform, fast to implement, invaluable for business performance. AMINO‌NIR® Advanced covers the widest number of feed ingredients used by the feed industry.

Take a sample

AMINO‌NIR® Advanced supports a huge variety of raw materials and finished feeds that can be scanned in order to receive detailed information about their nutritional values. There’s no need to prepare the sample – simply take it as it is.

Support raw materials

Scan the unground sample as it is

Only with AMINO‌NIR® Advanced: Place the sample in the NIR cup as it is – no need to grind. Evonik’s technology can still analyze the sample with prediction errors almost as low as ground calibrations.

Supported devices

Upload your data

Uploading is as easy as scanning. Within seconds, you can transfer the data by Web browser or via AMINONIR® Web service interface. There’s no need to select any material types or input complicated data.

Software overview
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High quality feed ingredient data for most accurate feed formulation

You’ll find everything you need to know about your raw materials or finished feeds in one detailed report. The calibration fact sheets inform you about origin of calibration samples, parameters, statistics, and much more.

Boost your income with AMINONIR® Advanced

The shortest time, highest analytical quality, most precise feed formulation, and increased profit.

Compliance with industry standards
Raw material and finished feed quality control
Quality-based price negotiation
Fact-based feed formulation
Reduced safety margins
Certified quality management

Not just a tool – it's a real value

A precise analysis of raw materials is essential for obtaining high feed quality. Evonik offers the right tools to support the process as a complete service. Your benefit: quick calculations of nutrients and accurate estimations of energy contents in feed raw materials and finished feeds.

Power of data

With low investment and little manpower, NIR delivers the greatest impact on precise nutrition.

Modular Services offerings

Customized service levels and packages are available according to your need.

Local experts

Our technical service managers understand local markets and challenges. They can provide consulting, suggestions and recommendations for optimum feed quality.

Always up-to-date

Thanks to Evonik’s global reach with samples and their competence center, customers are always up-to-date on the latest feed ingredient quality.


Enables seamless network integration and automated technical data exchange.

Raw materials

Supports more than 60 raw materials and finished feeds.

AMINONIR® Advanced packages

One data source, different needs met: Evonik has prepared a set of services that can be combined or used separately. That’s how you can always get just the services you need.


to predict crude protein, dry matter, and essential and nonessential amino acids in all major feed ingredients.

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applies near-infrared technology to predict nutrients from proximate analysis and phosphorus in raw feed materials and finished feeds.

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delivers fast and reliable estimates of important energy levels – such as gross energy, metabolizable energy (AMEn), and digestible energy.

Learn more


offers a fast, reliable, and handy solution for estimating the Processing Conditions Indicator (PCI) of soy products, KOH solubility, Protein Dispersibility and Reactive Lysine.

Learn more

Save money with the best service for feed ingredient and feed analysis

Evonik’s analytical services provide feed formulators, purchasing departments and quality control with accurate and readily available analytical results – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Experience since 1995
Largest database
13 labs on four continents
Worldwide support
On-site implementation
Continuous quality assurance

Expert support – onsite

Best results come from local experts. Our dedicated technical service managers understand your markets and challenges, and can help you get maximum value from your raw materials. Using sophisticated analytical and visualization tools, they can quickly gain insights and make recommendations that save you money – and at the same time improve the quality of your feeds.

Get AMINONIR® Advanced now!

Don’t wait any longer to get reliable nutrition analyses. Contact the Evonik technical team and learn more about your individual offer and how to implement AMINONIR® Advanced in your business.

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